About Us

Cibola Costa LLC is a lifestyle clothing brand catering to the authentic hunter, angler and outdoor 
enthusiast. Just launched out of Texas in January of 2015 - we already have some exciting momentum going in
the marketplace. Laguna Costa inaugural design collection features a unique idea in the industry - turning
YOUR favorite outdoors photo into a design to be appreciated by others. Qualifying photos become more than
just a memory, they become part of a collection to be shared with likeminded enthusiasts on t-shirts, framed
prints, drink coasters and more.

From FIN & FEATHER to wild game of the HIDE & HOOF variety, from the deepwater to the backwater and beyond...
Fly or Baitcast, Shotgun, Rifle or bow...we capture your special photo in an artistic fashion...then share it
with the marketplace. We are always in the pursuit of great photos ~ but gladly accept unsolicited
submissions for consideration.

Our "Standards of Performance" say a little more about us, so here they are:

1. We are a company with an AUTHENTIC design style.
2. We have a passion for capturing REAL outdoors enthusiasts and their REAL surroundings...and designing
a top notch product out of it to share with likeminded enthusiasts.

3. We are a company with a PASSION and RESPECT for the outdoors.

4. We have an equally respectful passion for the Outdoors Enthusiasts.

5. Admittedly, we have a special affinity for the HUNTER and ANGLER...FINS & FEATHERS...but hold a special
love for the elusive Whitetail deer as well as other wild game of the "hide and hoof" variety.

6. Catch & Release or Harvest & Eat we don’t judge but we try and avoid photos disrespectful of wild game​

7. While we admire the Godly Beauty of all people in the outdoors...if you didn't catch it or harvest it,
we still love you but don't care for you being in the photo...bikini or otherwise.

8. We love having the Outdoors Enthusiast as our primary market and TRULY want to CELEBRATE with them and
in the process...creating even stronger lasting memories. ​

9. We believe in our PEOPLE, PROCCESSES and PRODUCTS yet always maintain an OPEN mindset for feedback
from YOU - our target audience.

10. We believe that COMPETITION is the lifeblood of capitalism and welcome it wholeheartedly. We will
REFRAIN from ever talking bad about other companies. Instead we will focus on what WE do best.

​11. We believe that ethical hunters & anglers make an incredible impact to conservation and sustainability
of wildlife and the outdoors and are VITAL to ensure that future generations enjoy the same.

​12.  If you think we left out a critical component in our standards, we're all ears - we would love to
hear from you.



About our logo

We get asked a lot about our logo and wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

The palm like icon is actually a creative blending of two awesome plants in Texas. Plants that are present in a couple of our favorite outdoors destinations when fishing and hunting...The "Spanish Dagger Palm" and the "Desert Spoon" 

The Spanish Dagger Palm is a type of "Yucca". We simply love seeing them peppered throughout the landscape when wade fishing the King Ranch shoreline just North of Port Mansfield. Our Spanish dagger in South Texas is but one of about twenty species of yuccas in Texas. Most botanists place yuccas in the lily family, while others lump them with agaves in the agave family. South Texas's Spanish daggers possess thick, dark green or bluish green leaves that branch out in all directions from the stalk. 

Spanish Daggers along the Laguna Madre


The "Desert Spoon" or "Sotol" (Dasylirion wheeleri) is a flowering plant native to arid environments of northern Mexico, in Chihuahua and Sonora and in the southwestern United States, in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and also in New Mexico and Texas. We're in our happy place when we are hunting turkey, coyotes and of course the elusive Whitetail deer in the Texas hill country around Utopia, Texas. Even more so when seeing the many "Sotols" deeply rooted throughout the terrain. An interesting side note...sometimes refrred to as "Tequila's Northern Cousin" it is also distilled in the region of Chihuahua, MexicoWe have yet to try that concoction!


"Sotol" or "Desert Spoon" on a property straddling Uvalde and Bandera counties in Texas