FlexFit Cool & Dry Performance Hat - WHITE with SQUARE Spanish Dagger Patch (CHOOSE PATCH)

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Spanish Dagger Palm FlexFit Cool & Dry Hat

- The Ultimate Drying Fabric: Quick Absorbency, Quick Dry, Quick Air Circulation

- Allows air in and extracts sweat away leaving you cool & dry!

- WHITE stretch performance w/navy trim 

- SQUARE Spanish Dagger Palm Patch (Choose Patch Color)

- Available in S/M stretch-fit or L/XL stretch-fit

 What in the heck is "Spanish Dagger" ?

Spanish Dagger Palm is a type of "Yucca". We love seeing the "Spanish Dagger Palms" peppered along the King Ranch shoreline when we turn North out of Port Mansfield to chase the the speckled trout and redfish. 

Our Spanish dagger in South Texas is but one of about twenty species of yuccas in Texas. Most botanists place yuccas in the lily family, while others lump them with agaves in the agave family. South Texas's Spanish daggers possess thick, dark green or bluish green leaves that branch out in all directions from the stalk. 

Read more on our company logo which emulates characteristics of both the Spanish Dagger Palm and the Sotol "Dessert Spoon".